Equifax Online and Experian

Equifax Online became one of the global leaders in information solutions that offers customers wide range of services including business credit intelligence, fraud detection, marketing, portfolio management and other tools that rely on data processing and analytics. For individuals, the company also offers a wide range of services, including management of personal credit information, protection against identity theft and fraud, and personal finance management. The company has its headquarters in Atlanta, GA but it operates in other countries across the globe, including those in Europe, Latin America and North America. At present it has more than 7,000 employees.

The Advantage

equifaxThe company offers its services to individual clients, small and medium-size businesses and large scale enterprises. For individual clients, one of the benefits of seeking the services of the company becomes complete protection against identity theft. The company’s equifax online Complete Advantage Plan allows clients to monitor their credit information any time of the day, receive notifications when a change in their credit profile and ID theft insurance occurs. The service also includes assistance that individuals usually need, such as in correcting inaccuracies in their credit report.

For Business

For small and medium-size businesses, the company offers a more comprehensive services, including assistance in tenant selection, business credit and information services, credit risk information and other similar services. Equifax allows SMEs to have competitive advantage and enjoy growth because the company can provide them with the information that they will need for decision making. Protection becomes a key element in the success of small business so fraud prevention is another vital services offered by the company.

For large enterprises, the key services offered by Equifax includes processing of credit applications, assessment of customer portfolio and protection against fraud. Large scale enterprises basically benefits from the comprehensive solutions offered by the company which even includes finding new customers and marketing. For businesses with global presence, companies can protect themselves through its fraud prevention and anti-money laundering solutions.


experianExperian is another company that is similar with the Equifax when it comes to credit risk, fraud prevention and marketing services. For those who want to know how to dispute their credit report, the advice on deletingdisputes.com/remove/quick offers valuable information about Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and disputing credit reports. It is also useful for those who need assistance for goodwill letter or letter asking creditors to stop reporting negative information which is detrimental to one’s credit.