How To Track A Cell Phone

Tracing a mobile phone can be of assistance in case one looses their device. Furthermore, it can also be used to establish the location of a particular individual. Through the Global Positioning Satellite (GPS), individuals can track cellular gadgets easily. Most up-to-date phones have the GPS chip installed in them. For older devices, the chip can be purchased and then installed to enhance tracking of the gadget. With the increased number of mobile phone companies, there are numerous ways to track phones out there and also many phone tracking services available to consumers.

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To begin with, you need to get a phone that is installed with a GPS chip. Nearly all recent mobile phones, including Motorola, Sony Erickson, Black Berry among others, are fitted with a GPS chip. Nevertheless, older gadgets are not installed with the GPS. Consult your manufacturer to establish if your device can support a GPS chip. In case it can, then the chip can be purchased from mobile phone stores, or from online merchants. Once purchased, follow the manufacturer’s instructions in order to install the GPS chip successfully. Nonetheless, it is more convenient when tracking a Smartphone as opposed to the older gadgets that existed in the market.

After this, you will be required to install a cell phone tracking software on your personal computer. Mobile phone tracking systems enable users to determine the exact location of the gadget and the one in possession of the device through an online platform. In fact, the entire process is pretty simple and takes just a few seconds. In case you suspect that your spouse is fooling around, or you want to know the exact location of someone, then this technology can be very assistive.

For the tracking software to work without any hitches, you will be required to ascertain that you have installed a software that is compatible with the cell phone tracking system. Most software makes use of Map Quest or Google Maps; this way, you will be able to see on a map the exact coordinates of the person you are tracking.

After you have loaded your computer with the appropriate software, then install the tracking program, and you will be ready to begin your cell phone tracking process. The installation instructions usually vary depending on the software one has. One of these applications is Mobi Stealth on Place Pop and also another one which is mentioned in this Stealth Genie review.

There are many mobile phone tracking applications available that individuals can use. However, these applications vary depending on the mobile phone being traced. For instance, there are applications for Android, iPhone and non-Smartphone users. In conclusion, it is up to you to determine the application to use. Most of them are open-source and available to consumers for free. Once you know how to track a cell phone, you will no longer be troubled when you want to know the whereabouts of your loved ones.

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How To Track A Phone

Tracking a phone using a phone tracker app may require some skill but it is still a possible endeavor. Smartphones are easier to track than the older models of cell phones because of their user friendliness and their easy accessibility to the internet. Smart phones also have the capacity to run tracking applications which can be used if the phone is stolen or gets lost or for some other reason needs to be identified.

spybubble adTracking non-smartphones is undoubtedly more difficult because it involves use of a GPS tracking service which will probably incur some costs. The tracking service uses the phones’ in-built GPS to locate it. The catch is that it only works with GPS enabled phones.

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New model phones such as iPhones and android phones can still be tracked even after they get lost. iPhones have the Find My iPhone application preinstalled on their handsets. They can activate this app remotely to identify the location of their phones. Another application, Plan B can be used for android based phones. Once installed it retrieves the phone’s data on a secondary computer from where it’s location can be traced.

The Android Device Manager provides additional options for users of smartphones that run on android. It enables one to remotely manipulate the phone. For example, you can lock somebody out of your phone by changing the password, delete the entire phone’s memory to preserve your privacy or even shut it down. Interestingly, you can set your lost phone to ring loudly for about five minutes if you think it’s near (this will continue even if the phone is muted or switched off).

Some applications allow one to track someone else’s phone if they have given their permission. Such include Find My Friend. These programs allow people to honestly track each other’s phones and therefore easily be aware of each other’s whereabouts. Several phones can be tracked at once. These can be very useful in an emergency situation like during a kidnapping or robbery.

Other commercial tracking applications are available online such as Spy2Mobile (read many SpyToMobile reviews here),  Where’s My Droid, and Flexispy. This kind of mobile phone spy software uses GPS to pinpoint the location of your phone on Google Maps. WMD can also be used to shut down the phone’s activity to prevent external interference. They act in much the same way as in-built trackers. Another one is KidLogger which is specifically used by parents to track their children.

Need may arise necessitating clandestine tracking of people. A classic example of this is a parent monitoring the child’s movements or an employer following an employee. Several cell phone monitoring software may be useful in such situations; these include StealthGenie, MobiSpy among others. These programs must be installed in the phone you wish to track and evidence of their existence hidden. Information from the phone can then be remotely accessed on the internet.